Hands on with iS Clinical Super Serum Advance+ (Before & After Pictures)

I decided to take the Super Serum Advance + product for a 14-day trial...

Here are my results! (Skip down to see my before/after picture).

If you want the short version here it is:

I actually loved using the super serum advance + and I plan to continue using it even though my skin doesn't show too many changes over the 14-day period

I have a feeling that it will continue to improve and I don't think the pictures do it justice!

I've noticed that my skin is brighter and I'm breaking out less than before which is great. 

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What Exactly are Enzymes & What do They do for your Skin?

Enzymes are proteins which can help digest dead skin cells and help rejuvenate your skin. 

One of the best parts about these proteins is that they are all natural and that you can even create your own peels at home. 

This article will teach you everything you need to know about enzymes including how they impact your face, which enzymes are best for certain scenarios, how to make home-made versions of these peels and more

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Pumpkin Enzyme Mask Benefits & When to Use It

Ever wonder why so many skin care products contain pumpkin in them?

The answer has to do with the special enzymes and acids that pumpkin contains. 

These enzymes help refine your skin, exfoliate the skin, and chew through dead skin cells. 

This article will teach you why pumpkin is so beneficial for your skin, how to use, how to make your own home-made mask, and how to purchase a high-quality product over the counter.

Let's jump in: 

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Papaya Enzymes: Benefits for your Skin & Digestive System

Did you know that using papaya directly on the skin can help reduce irritation, redness, and make your skin even brighter?

It's true! Papayas contain natural enzymes which can be used in several different places on and in your body. 

I want to talk about how I recommend using this amazing enzyme and how it can benefit both your skin and your gastrointestinal tract. 

In short:

Enzymes are great for acneic skin, for those with very sensitive skin, and for people who are looking to brighten up their skin. 

This article will help you understand all of the benefits of papaya enzymes, how you can start using them, what conditions they are good for, and more

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Is Hydroquinone Safe to use Long-Term on your Skin? (+ Alternatives)

If you suffer from hyperpigmentation (darkening of the skin) then you are probably looking for any treatment to help lighten up your skin. 

If you fit into this situation then you've probably at least heard about hydroquinone.

But is using hydroquinone actually safe to use?

In this article, we are going to explore that very question. 

If you want the quick version then here it is:

Hydroquinone is an effective skin lightening but it comes with a lot of risks and there are better options available that don't damage the skin

So is it safe? Sort of, it depends on how long you use it

Is it effective? Yes, but there's also more information there as well. 

Let's dive in to demystify the topic...

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The Many Benefits of Niacinamide For your Skin

Can B vitamins really help you look younger?

That's the question we are going to tackle today as we look at the powerful ingredient known as niacinamide. 

This high-quality B vitamin is found in the most expensive and luxurious skin care products and for good reason. 

We are going to talk about all of the benefits of this B vitamin, how it works to help you look younger, the side effects of using it, and how to use it safely

Let's jump in: 

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Neosporin for Acne: Why you Shouldn’t Use it

As an aesthetician, I can tell you that one of the most tempting things to use on your face, if you have acne, is anything that you may feel will make it look better faster. 

But is that actually a good idea?

Does using Neosporin help to heal your face? Or will it cause more damage?

The answer is that it is almost certainly not a good idea to use Neosporin if you have acne, but let's talk about the reasons why. 

In this post, we will also discuss other options available to you to help soothe your skin and treat your acne. 

Let's jump in: 

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