Before and After Microblading Pictures

This page has a TON of microblading before and after pictures for you to enjoy. Please give it some time to load 🙂 

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Before and after touch upBeautiful microblading brows after picture

Microblading can be done on nearly anyone at any age! I have done clients in highschool to clients who are 60+. 

Microblading before and after blonde hairMicroblading with blonde hair

It’s never too late to have perfect brows! ​

Microblading shading 6 weeks after touchupkyndra microblading before and after

Microblading results can last anywhere from 9 to 15 months. 

kara front before after scar microbladingstephanie front view strokes and shading before afterkatie right brow view strokes and shadingstephanie left brow view microblading and shading before aftercami left brow first microblading visit softapAlyssa full face microblading strokesCassie Right brow final visit microbladingAlyssa right brow before and after microblading strokes onlyJoni Brow selfieCindy shaping and after microbladingmelanie right view microbladeAmanda before and after microbladingmaya before and after microbladingdanielle full face eyebrow tattoo before and after

That means you can wake up with perfect brows without adding any make up for the next 9 months with two simple visits. ​

Full face microblading before and afterMicroblading before and after without existing brows

Microblading can also be performed over scars, so don’t worry if you have a scar on your face or covering a portion of your brow. 

Microblading after 8 months without touch uplight skin microblading before and after

Together we can make your scar fit into your brow naturally. ​

blonde microblading before and afterMicroblading to cover up permanent make up

Microblading can also help if you have lost your eyebrows due to medical conditions like Hypothyroidism or due to other conditions like trichotillomania. 

Read head microblading before and afterMicrobladed brows 7 weeks after initial with touchup

I have also helped bring back eyebrows in patients after chemotherapy. ​