Our Story

Hi everyone!

Welcome to our website and blog!

I’m Kat, and together with Mel, we write all of these blog posts 🙂

I am married to an awesome husband and have 2 beautiful girls and 1 handsome son. 

​I’m also in love with anything related to health and fitness and above all eyebrows. 

I’ve dedicated this blog to microblading and to all things to cosmetics and asethetics. 

I’ve spent thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours trying to figure out how to look and feel great and that’s exactly what I share on this blog. 

As a cosmetologist I also am in love with anything related to cosmetics with a special interest in eyebrows. 

I’m a microblader and both me and Mel run and operate an amazing microblading training course. 

You can find more information about us below or feel free to cruise around our blog. 

If you have direct questions (or are interested in microblading or microblading training) please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Meet Mel

Melanie Childs microblader

Mel is a Licensed Medical Esthetician with a special interest in laser therapy and microblading, she is laser certified and certified as a microblading artist. 

She became an esthetician to help women look and feel younger and through years of experimentation in anti-aging she’s a walking testament that it works!

Mel and Katrina have been working together for 3 years and together they created a microblading course to help other women go from basic to advanced microblading skills and to help them run their own business and master their craft. 

Mel loves teaching and educating and is interested in helping women start and maintain their own businesses in the cosmetic industry. 

She has years of practice with laser therapy, hormone replacement, anti-aging therapy, microblading and education. 

Together Mel and Kat co-teach a microblading course on a monthly basis that fills up very quickly. You can learn more about this course here

Mel is also a regular contributor to the Brows and Body blog where she shares her insight! 

Meet Kat

katrina childs microblading mesa az

I’m a cosmetologist obsessed with helping women LOOK and FEEL amazing. I’ve been a licensed cosmetologist for over 10 years and have experimented with so many products, makeup lines, beauty products, and accessories! 

Beyond cosmetics I’m also interested in pretty much anything related to health. 

That’s where the health and body part of brows and body comes in: 

Diet, lifestyle, exercise, nutritional supplements and everything in between.

​Early in my life I found out that my depression was DIRECTLY linked to eating foods containing gluten. Since eliminating gluten and adding exercise in I have completely changed my mood, I have more energy and I can do all of the fun things I need to with my kids. 

I’ve suffered from thyroid issues as well and have combated hair loss, eyebrow loss, weight gain and all of the other fun things that having a thyroid problem causes. 

I’ve also experimented with different types of supplements and vitamin injections (it helps that my husband is a doctor) and I know what works and what doesn’t. 

​While health and fitness is my passion, microblading and doing eyebrows is what I love to do the most. 

There’s nothing better then helping someone have the confidence that they deserve and help them feel and look beautiful. 

Microblading allows me to help people gain confidence and look beautiful all at once. 

I’ve been doing brows for 10 years and microblading for over a year now. 

I’ve done so many brows and you can see all of my before and after pictures by clicking here

​If you are interested in microblading please don’t hesitate to contact me with questions or anything else! I am always open to talking and helping you find the right artist (even if it isn’t me). 

​If you want to stay around and read my blog posts you can do that too! I hope you find all of the information here helpful and useful! 

A Note About our Blog Posts

We are dedicated to providing you with the MOST up to date and MOST comprehensive blog posts on ALL topics relating to beauty. 

Because of this we have our medical director double check our blog posts to ensure that they are of high quality and meet certain standards. 

Whenever possible we will do our best to include relevant links to literary and clinical medical studies when we make a claim! 

All of our claims will be reinforced with links to medical studies that you can read about if you want. 

Our Medical Director Dr. Childs is a specialist in weight loss, anti-aging and hormone management with experience in cosmetics and skin care therapies. 

We are NOT paid to create blog posts and we do NOT accept sponsored blog posts nor do we plan to. 

We want you to trust our opinion and so we will only review or discuss high quality products that we have personal experience with. 

If we don’t like a product we will tell you! 

We also have lots of experience with other products but we don’t necessarily write about products that we have used and don’t like, so if you want to know our opinion please ask!

We LOVE and encourage comments in our blog and we will do our best to answer each and every question. 

If you do choose to leave a comment please make sure to use proper grammar, punctuation and capitalization! If you do not then your comment may be flagged as spam and not make it through our system. 

If you don’t see your comment you can try leaving it again and it should show up. 

Contact Us

If you are interested in contacting us please call or text this number: 623-238-1763

You can also email us directly at browsandbodyaz@gmail.com

Please note that I only discuss products that I love and have personally tried and I am not interested in promoting random products that are not high quality. 

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