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7 Surprising Microneedling Benefits for Your Skin (#6 is my Favorite)

Microneedling may be one of the quickest and easiest ways to get more youthful looking skin. 

Not only does it make your skin look rejuvinated but it can also treat acne, help reduce scarring and even reduce oil production and black heads!

If you get microneedling done there are some things you need to know before the procedure because they can seriously impact your results. 

Learn more in this guide: 

microneedling benefits guide<img class=”tve_image” alt=”microneedling benefits guide” style=”width: 389px” src=”//” width=”389″ height=”778″ data-attachment-id=”1485″>

What is Microneedling?

​Microneedling is a procedure designed specifically to invoke the healing response in your skin by causing microtrauma in a targeted way. 

Using a pen with a small head that contains 10+ needles, it vibrates at high power, and at a certain depth, to pierce the superficial layer of your skin thousands of times over a few seconds.

(This video shows the vibrating pen in action, note that while it does sting it doesn’t cause intense pain and this is me getting it done WITHOUT numbing cream.)

These small and controlled piercings go into your epidermis and even the upper layers of the dermis to stimulate the healing response in your skin which results in increased collagen formation and elastin formation.

But what does that mean for you?

It means your skin becomes more plump, more textured and smoother in the process.

But beyond these basic benefits, microneedling also offers several other VERY beneficial side effects that you can take advantage of.

These range from healing acne, reducing scar formation and even helping you look 5+ years younger!​

We will talk more about before and after pictures below, but first let’s talk about the other potential benefits of microneedling: ​

#1. Improves the quality and texture of your skin (immediately) 

​The microneedling procedure takes about 1 hour long and in order to get the best results should leave the skin with some pin point bleeding (yes some blood is a GOOD thing). 

Even with the pinpoint bleeding and the slight redness that occurs for up to about 1-1.5 days afterwards, you will notice an IMMEDIATE improvement in the texture and quality of your skin.

How does this happen?

The pinprick needles actually stimulate remodeling of existing collagen and promote formation of new collagen and revascularization (blood vessels) in the skin.

Vitamin c increases collagen in the dermis<img class=”tve_image” alt=”Vitamin c increases collagen in the dermis” style=”width: 600px” src=”//” width=”600″ height=”452″ data-attachment-id=”1116″>

Collagen and elastin are the two components of your skin that give your skin the normal “plump” look every woman wants.

And starting at around age 30 this collagen starts to degrade naturally (other things can even make the degradation happen more quickly as well), which is when women start to notice slight changes and sagging in their skin.

The good news is that this healing process starts almost IMMEDIATELY after the procedure.

Which is why you notice a soft texture to your skin immediately afterwards.

Even the day after the procedure it just looks like you have a light sunburn from the redness, but you can definitely go to work or out on a date the following day if necessary. ​

#2. Reduces pock marks and scarring

Another huge benefit is that skin needling (or microneedling, they are both words for the same procedure) helps reduce acne scars which are notoriously difficult to treat​. 

So how does microneedling help with scarring?

When you have any sort of scarring on your face (or anywhere on your body) your body naturally undergoes a process known as fibrosis. 

This is good when healing, because it makes everything stick together, but beneath the skin the glue is so strong that it can literally pull the skin down and create pock marks or scarring on the surface of the skin.

using microneedling for acne pock marks<img class=”tve_image” alt=”using microneedling for acne pock marks” style=”width: 547px” src=”//” width=”547″ height=”332″ data-attachment-id=”1506″>

(You can see an example of the pock mark scarring I am talking about and see the before and after pictures throughout 5 visits over 5 months – it works well with heavy scarring and light scarring)

The microneedling procedure helps to “break up” all of the glue and fibrosis underneath the skin which allows the skin to “let go” of the tenting and release the surface of the skin.

Naturally this results in a more smooth surface to your skin.

The best part?

Studies have shown that you can see results almost IMMEDIATELY after doing microneedling and in as little as two procedures.

Microneedling tends to work best on scars that are small, result in tenting of the skin or pocking of the skin. 

It doesn’t work as well for large lacerations (like the kind of scars that require stitches). ​

This procedure is also great if you have a slightly uneven texture from years of acne, but not overt scarring (like the pock marks mentioned above). ​

dermaroller plus vitamin C for acne scarring<img class=”tve_image” alt=”dermaroller plus vitamin C for acne scarring” style=”width: 525px” src=”//” width=”525″ height=”607″ data-attachment-id=”1507″>

(This is an image of the “rough” surface of the skin that can occur with mild but persistent acne over time. The skin just looks rough and not as refined as it once did, but over the course of 5 treatments you can clearly see that the skin starts to look young, smooth and refreshed again.)

#3. Reduces black heads

This is another pretty cool side effect of microneedling and is especially helpful for women who suffer from LOTS of black heads (especially those who have PCOS, or hormonal acne). 

 The controlled trauma and thousands of needle pokes actually liberate and knock out black heads during the entire procedure. 

Immediately after you will notice a reduction in the total volume of black heads on your face (especially in your nose, but be careful because the nose is sensitive!).

You will also notice that your pores are smaller in size for about 3-4 weeks after the procedure due to the healing effects and revascularization that occurs.

​The reduction in black heads doesn’t last forever though! It usually only lasts around 3-4 weeks which is right in time for when you would need to do the procedure again. 

You can further reduce black head and pore size by using the right kind of aftercare and Vitamin C serum. ​

#4. Treats acne and cystic acne

Not only does microneedling ​help treat acne scars, but it can also help treat and stop acne. 

How exactly it helps acne is not well understood but it seems to be due to the fact that microneedling results in a reduction in sebum production and makes the skin less oily.

Reducing oil production on the skin and reducing black heads likely plays a role as well…​

Either way, studies have shown that microneedling does indeed help treat acne. 

This is mostly helpful because it means you can still get the treatment done if you are having active breakouts.

This is important because some procedures (like dermaplaning) shouldn’t be done if you have active pimples. ​

In my experience microneedling shouldn’t be the ONLY treatment you use for acne but it’s something you should definitely explore because not only will it help stop acne but it will also treat any texture changes or small scars in your skin. 

#5. Exfoliates the skin 

​Pretty much any treatment that mechanically disrupts the epidermis will result in some exofliatiation. 

Exfoliation refers to removing the upper surface of the epidermis, usually the stratum corneum (which is the upper most skin layer).

This is important because your dead skin cells live on this layer and removing this layer of the epidermis makes your skin look fresh and smooth almost instantly.

This procedure isn’t as good as dermaplaning for exfoliation, but it still works!​

#6. Makes you look younger by reducing fine lines and wrinkles

This might be the single best and more important benefit of microneedling…

That it can actually help you LOOK younger and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

​How does microneedling make you look younger?

It has been shown that the small pin holes created by the thousands of needles​ break into the upper levels of the dermis and cause the release of growth factors to “repair” and “heal” from the microdamage that has been caused. 

Basically your body is overreacting to the small trauma thinking that there is a BIGGER trauma and this healing process results in the release of growth factors that increase collagen and elastin levels.

​In addition to the stimulation of collagen the microtrauma also results in the formulation of tons of little blood vessels which supply blood, oxygen and nutrients straight into the dermis. 

The combination of these changes results in a reduction in wrinkles, healing of photodamage and tightening of existing skin – all of which makes you LOOK younger.

vitamin c serum and aging process<img class=”tve_image” alt=”vitamin c serum and aging process” style=”width: 648px” src=”//” width=”648″ height=”407″ data-attachment-id=”816″>

If you remember from my Vitamin C serum guide you will know that ​90% of the reason we look older is because of sun damage (AKA photodamage) which is actually reversible with the right treatments. 

#7. Reduces hyperpigmentation and evens skin the skin tone​

Finally, microneedling also helps with your skin tone and can reduce hyperpigmentation.

Hyperpigmentation refers to the slight changes in your skin that can occur from inflammation, pimples, black heads, white heads, etc.

Basically any sort of skin problem results in changes in color to the underlying skin which doesn’t match the surrounding skin.

This leaves the skin looking blotchy and uneven.

So how does microneedling help?​

It is speculated that the microneedling increases expression of matrix mealloproteinases which reduces hyperpigmentation.

It’s also felt that the microneedling procedure reduces the growth of keratinocytes, but scientists don’t know for sure! ​

In addition microneedling can (and should) be combined with Vitamin C serum to help the healing process and Vitamin C serum has been shown to balance melanin levels as well.

So really the combination of microneedling and Vitamin C serum is what you should be aiming for.

It’s also worth mentioning that microneedling is actually preferred over laser treatments of hyperpimentation in women with darker colored skin (Fitzpatrick IV and V skin types).

The reason is because some women react with WORSENING pigmentation if using lasers and microneedling doesn’t have that problem. ​

Microneedling Before and After

I’ve included a picture of my before and after picture after just 1 round of microneedling. 

You can see from the picture that I was struggling with some pregnancy acne (hormones imbalances!).

The picture immediately after shows the pinpoint bleeding and this is a good thing and what it is supposed to look like.

You want to make sure you are getting some pinpoint bleeding, but the blood shouldn’t be dripping off of your face. ​

Side view microneedling before and after<img class=”tve_image” alt=”Microneedling before and after mesa arizona” style=”width: 500px” src=”//” width=”500″ height=”311″ data-attachment-id=”1275″>

Finally, the last pictures shows the results 48 hours after. 

You can see that some of the acne has cleared up, my pores are much smaller, my blackheads are reduced by about 50% (especially on my nose) and my skin looks softer and more smooth.

I plan to get more treatments (at least 1 per month) and I will continue to update this with my pictures as we go. ​

Numbing cream vs no numbing cream

Remember if you decide to get microneedling done that the procedure can be painful…

Afterall you are getting about a thousand tiny little poke holes into your epidermis.

Because of this it’s generally recommended that you use some sort of topical numbing cream.

I use BLT (benzocaine, lidocaine and tetracaine) combination.

If you let topical numbing cream sit on the face for about 20 minutes before the procedure then the pain is VERY minimal.

You will still likely feel some of it ​but it should be around a 2-3 out of 10 on a pain scale. 

If you are pregnant you can’t use the BLT numbing cream but you can still have the procedure done (as long as you can tolerate the pain!). ​

Boost your Microneedling Results with These Tips

If you want to get results you need to make sure that you are following a couple of rules.

FIRST you want to make sure that your practitioner is going deep enough.

Some of the cheaper dermapens only go to about 0.25 to 0.5mm.

In most cases this is not enough to stimulate the collagen production we want or result in pin point bleeding.

In most cases you will need at least a depth of 1.0mm and even up to 2.0 or 2.5 in some areas.

A good gauge to make sure you are going deep enough is if you have pinpoint bleeding after the procedure.

If you are bleeding slightly then you are on the right track.

In addition to the depth you can also boost your results by using Vitamin C serum and considering tretinoin PRIOR to your procedure: 

#1. Make sure to use a Vitamin C serum AFTER your procedure

Vitamin C serum is another big deal when it comes to microneedling. 

Most of the studies listed above used a combination of 20% vitamin C serum (in the L-ascorbic acid form) along with microneedling.

Adding Vitamin C serum to microneedling results in even more collagen formation, even better skin tones and a reduction in your healing time.

I use and recommend this product to all of the people who get microneedling done (and it’s the same one that I use). ​

iS Clinical Pro Heal Serum

Overall rating

Overall Quality

VERY high quality with a pure form of Vitamin C combined with antioxidants


Price is high, but well worth it

Personal Rating

Can be “layered” with other products for more benefit (I use this product daily)

Who should use it: 
  • People with photo damaged skin or with sun spots
  • People with aging skin (pretty much anyone over age 30)
  • People with very sensitive skin
  • People who are layering multiple products
  • L-Ascorbic Acid
  • Retinol
  • Bioflavinoids
  • Olive leaf extract
  • Tocopherol 
How to use it: 
Why it works
  • Apply 2-4 drops directly to your face after cleansing
  • Spread evening throughout your face and to your neck line
  • Avoid placing product in the eyes or in any orifice
  • Use in the morning if using active serum in the evening
  • Contains anti oxidants like Vitamin C, olive leaf extract and bioflavinoids
  • Contains vitamin A which has been proven to reduce fine lines and aging
  • Contains vitamin E which prevents photo damage
Recommended product: 

is clinical pro heal after dermaplaning<img class=”tve_image” alt=”is clinical vitamin c serum pro heal” style=”width: 294px” src=”//” width=”294″ height=”305″ data-attachment-id=”1494″>See more reviews here

#2. Consider using Tretinoin BEFORE your procedure (or other retinol containing products)

Another consideration, although this is more advanced, is to use tretinoin or retinol products prior to your procedure.

Tretinoin helps to reduce the epidermal layer by increasing the turnover time of your skin.

This effectively makes your skin more thin, which means that pretty much any therapy you do (microneedling included) will have a boosted effect.

using microneedling for acne pock marks<img class=”tve_image” alt=”tretinoin to use before microneedling” style=”width: 731px” src=”//” width=”731″ height=”251″ data-attachment-id=”1500″>

If I know someone has heavy scarring (like from acne) I will often recommend that they use tretinoin for 3-4 weeks BEFORE their microneedling procedure to get more benefit.

Be careful though:

If you use tretinoin then you need to let your artist know because your skin will be thinner and he/she may need to adjust the depth of the microneedle pen. ​

Wrapping it up

Bottom line?

Microneedling is probably one of my favorite procedures because it’s quick and provides serious and long lasting results. 

It’s no go-to therapy for women who want to look younger, for younger women with acne, or with women who have hormonal problems (like hypothyroidism and PCOS). 

Just remember to use Vitamin C serum with your aftercare for even better results!

Now it’s your turn:

Have you had microneedling done?

Did it work for you?

Why or why not?

Leave your comments below!

The Best Eyelash Growth Serum: Get Goddess Like Lashes (2018 Edition)

Is it possible to actually grow your eyelashes quickly and safely?

The answer is absolutely. 

Modern science has brought up (accidentally) some amazing serums that actually boost eyelash hair growth…

BUT, and this is a big but, not all products are created equally.

That means in order to get the best results you need to make sure you are using high quality products with high quality ingredients.

In this post I will walk you through the best eye lash growth serums including how to properly use them to get goddess like lashes in as little as 6 weeks. ​

eyelash growth guide

Do Eyelash Growth Serums Actually Work?

Let’s answer this question so we can get it out of the way…

YES, eyelash serums can absolutely help you grow your lashes back.

​You have to realize that your poor eyelashes, while important to you, are not very important as far as your body is concerned. 

That means that your lashes are one of the FIRST things to go if you have any sort of medical condition or hormone imbalance (I’m talking to you thyroid – more on that below).

eyelash before and after growth serum

Not only are your lashes the first thing to go, they are also one of the last things to grow BACK. 


Because all of the nutrients required for eyelash growth are usually better spent making hormones so you can survive and keep on kicking.

This is good news for your heart and lungs, but bad news for your lashes.

But don’t worry:

By using certain ingredients and nutrients we can basically bypass this system and provide your eyelashes with the vital components they need to GROW and to look beautiful. 

​If your eyelashes are looking like this (sorry for the picture!): 

hormones can damage eyelashes

Then you know you are in serious need of some lash love

Prescription Serums vs OTC serums

​Before we talk about over the counter eyelash growth serums we really should at least mention one of (if not THE best) lash serums on the market: Latisse. 

Latisse eyelash medication

Latisse is actually a prescription medication that is used to treat glaucoma. 

Doctors accidentally realized that patients using this medication (normally for the EYEBALLS) actually dramatically increased eyelash hair growth.

This is because the medication is actually a prostaglandin which is involved in hair growth stimulation.

And since the makers of the original medication wanted to make some more money they patented the medication has a cash only prescription designed specifically for growing back your eyelashes and Latisse was born. ​

One of the big problems with latisse is that it requires a prescription from an MD, dermatologist or plastic surgeon.

So while the cost the this medication is only around $50 ($44.17 if you live in Arizona), the cost of actually getting the prescription will be a lot more considering you need an appointment and you will have to pay a co-pay etc.

Price of latisse

If you happen to have a personal Dermatologist or Plastic surgeon on speed dial then you can always grab a quick prescription and be on your way, but if you aren’t so lucky then you will want to consider using over the counter products. 


Because they can work JUST as well as Latisse and come with much less hassle. ​

Benefits of using prescription lash serums like Latisse:


  • FDA approved for eyelash growth
  • Works quickly (within 6 weeks)
  • Purchased from a pharmacy which means you are getting the SAME product each and every time


  • Must be prescribed by a Doctor
  • Hassle to get refills (have to pay for doctors visit each and every time)
  • Family practice doctors or general practitioners may not know how to dose/prescribe the medication appropriately which means you may need a specialist

Benefits of using over the counter lash serums:  ​


  • Works just as well as Latisse long term
  • Easier to purchase (can be purchased over the counter)
  • High quality brands like Vichy and Phyto-medic produce high quality lash growth products
  • Include more natural ingredients


  • May be slightly more expensive initially but ends up being about the same price as Latisse after Physicians cost are factored in
  • Risk of buying fraudulent or fake products if you don’t know where to shop or look (I will go over this below)

Because you can get the same benefits when using over the counter eyelash growth serums I almost always recommend that you start with these products FIRST. 

It’s important to realize that some people may NEED the prescription latisse depending on what caused their eyelashes to fall out to begin with.

If you have multiple medical conditions and/or multiple hormone imbalances (like hypothyroidism) then you might want to consider using Latisse initially. ​

High Quality Eyelash Growth Serums

As I already mentioned you if you decide to purchase over the counter products you need to make sure you are buying high quality products. 

Look for products that have the term “Luxury Beauty” and a “Professional Beauty” tag to certain products to indicate that they are legitimate. 

You can find this tag under real products right below the price tag in a black and teal headline which indicates that this it the legitimate product. 

​If you don’t see this tag then avoid purchasing from that seller because it means you may be getting a fake product. 

​All of the products I have listed below are products that I have personally tried (at one point or another) and can verify that they are indeed high quality products that WORK. 

As always, I include the product that I LOVE the most as #1 🙂 ​

#1. RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner

First up on the list is Revitalash advanced eyelash conditioner.

In my opinion this is probably the BEST of the over the counter products and should probably be the FIRST eyelash growth serum that you try.

Here’s why:

Revitalash contains a combination of ​nutrients and vitamins that have been shown to help nourish eyelashes and hair follicles. 

Among the list of ingredients is biotin, green tea extract and Ginseng.

​In clinical studies the use of biotin has been shown to increase hair growth even if taken ORALLY. 

And it’s important to remember that we are talking about SERUMS here that go directly on your lashes and get VERY high absorption rates. 

Compare that to oral supplements that have to be digested, absorbed and transported to your EYELASHES to have any sort of effect.

In addition to these ingredients Revitalash also includes Saw palmetto which helps block androgen receptors on your lashes which prevents lashes from falling out (especially if you have PCOS or high testosterone levels).

​Along with these nutrients come other powerful amino acids and fat complexes that actually help nourish and “condition” existing lashes. 

The combination of these ingredients results in nutreints to promote growth, nutrients to stop lash loss and nutrients to nourish existing lashes.

​If you look at studies you can see that prostaglandin derivatives increase lash length, thickness and darkness (all associated with the subjective sense of beauty). 

And revitalash contains ingredients that help act to boost these effects. ​

prostaglandin analogs increase eyelash growth and density

How quickly will it start working? 

​One of the benefits of using growth serums is that most will start to work almost immediately. 

I don’t mean that your eyelashes will magically start growing within one day, but I do mean that you will notice a difference in terms of the texture and QUALITY of your eyelashes.

This immediate change stems from special ingredients that act almost like shampoo and condition for your little lashes.

They nourish your lashes and condition them so they look shinier, healthier and more full almost immediately.

The actual growth of your eyelashes will occur within about 4-6 weeks and you will notice a change in the thickness, darkness and even the length of your lashes.

​In most cases the average INCREASE in lash thickness is as much as double what it was previously

​Is Revitalash well tolerated or will I react when I use it? 

​This particular product is considered to be hypoallergenic (meaning it doesn’t exacerbate or cause allergies), non-irritating and clinically tested on real life people. 

How to Use RevitaLash Conditioner

Overall rating: 

Overall Quality

Contains well studied ingredients


High price, but high quality

Why I Love it

Works well for women of ALL ages

Who should use it: 
  • Anyone who wants longer and more beautiful lashes
  • Women with big events (wedding, birthday, bridal showers, event pictures/videos, etc.)
  • People with hormone imbalances like hypothyroidism that may result in lash damage or lack of lash growth
  • Women of all ages
  • Biopetin complex (contains biotin + green tea extract)
  • Ginseng and Swetia Japonica (both plants high in anti-oxidants to reduce inflammation and protect against free radical damage)
  • Saw palmetto (helps reduce androgen activation locally to reduce lash loss)
  • Wheat protein (healthy amino acids that promote lash growth and help condition existing lashes)
How to use it: 
Why it works
  • After cleansing your entire face and after your face is dry, apply a thin (one pass) of the serum across the top of your upper eyelid/eyelashes – this will allow proper absorption of all ingredients
  • Active ingredients promote eyelash growth through stimulation of hair follicles while other nutrients (saw palmetto) prevent lash loss and finally amino acids and fat complexes nourish existing lash volume and look
Recommended product: 

revitalash growth serum reviewSee more reviews here

You can find the complete ingredient list in the image below. 

Just realize that the ACTIVE ingredients are different from the INACTIVE ingredients that help dissolve the active products. ​

Complete Revitalash ingredient list: 

revitalash ingredient list

#2. Vichy LiftActiv Serum 10

​Next on the list is a Vichy product. 

This eyelash serum is special because it does TWO different things (and means that it might be better for certain people over others)…


​Vichy liftactiv serum helps to promote eyelash hair growth by increasing the time that your eyelashes spend in the “growing phase”

The special products of ceramides and hyaluronic acid help make this a reality. ​

​This helps your lashes grow longer and stronger MORE of the time. 

You can see an image of the elongation of the growth phase below: ​

eyelash growth cycle


In addition to also helping with your eyelash growth this product also helps reduce fine lines and WRINKLES by acting as an anti aging product. 

So this product has a double whammy and is better suited for people who want beautiful lashes AND for women who also have some premature signs of aging. 

This combination means that this particular product is better for women over the age of 35 to 40 years old. 


Because after age 30-35 women start to lose elastin and collagen in their skin which results in wrinkles

So how does vichy help this?​

This product contains a special ingredient known as Rhamnose which is a special plant sugar which has been clinically proven to help with skin rejuvination (making your skin look younger).

This ingredient is combined with the age old and tested hyaluronic acid which also helps hydrate and promote plump skin – especially around your eyelids where skin tends to sag. ​

Who should use Vichy lift serum?

​Consider this product your number one choice if you want to grow your lashes and have early signs of aging or are over the age of 35. 

If younger, or also using another anti-aging serum (like Vitamin C serum) then you can use Revitalash instead. ​

Is it tolerated well?​

​Yes, Vichy liftactiv is suitable for sensitive skin and is considered hypoallergenic as well. 

How to Use Vichy LiftActiv Serum 10 for your Eyes and Lashes

Overall rating: 

Overall Quality

High quality products combined with anti-aging ingredients


Moderately priced compared to other brands

Why I Love it

Better for woman over the age of 35 not using anti-aging serum

Who should use it: 
  • Anyone who wants longer and more luscious eyelashes
  • Women who ALSO have early signs of aging or wrinkles around the eye’s and eyelids (This product has the added benefit of having some anti-aging properties)
  • Women who want better and longer eyelashes who are ALSO over the age of 35-40 (better to start with this product first)
How to use it: 
Why it works
  • This product is best when used TWICE daily – place a single drop of serum on your finger tips and massage into the entire eye contour and eyelid area (AWAY from your eyeball)
  • Rhamnose and hyaluronic acid help promote eyelash growth while ceramides and fat complexes help immediately nourish existing eyelashes
Recommended product: 

vichy liftactiv serum 10 lash reviewSee more reviews here

Complete ingredient list: 

Vichy ingredient list

#3. LashFood Phyto-Medic Eyelash Enhancer

​Next on the list is Lashfood by phyto-medic. 

This is included in the list because it is not only a luxury product it is also VERY well tolerated.

This eyelash growth serum should be considered if you have SUPER sensitive skin or if you have multiple food allergies.

I’m talking to the fair skinned people out there who get red skin when leaves gently fall and braise their skin.

​In a consumer study (I know they are generally not very reliable) Lashfood showed the following results:

  • 85% of people who used lashfood noticed an improvement in lash fullness
  • 100% of people who used lashfood noticed an increase in lash length
  • 100% of people who used lashfood noticed an increase in lash density and thickness
  • 0% noticed irritation of any kind while using lashfood

A consumer study is when people are chosen by the company who produces the product and given the product (usually free) for a 6-12 week test. 

They then send them a questionnaire and ask them a list of questions and then use the results to “prove” that their product works.

Obviously this isn’t the best way to tell if something works, BUT it does provide some insight into IF a product is likely to work.

In this case we do know that the product will work but we are more concerned about how well it was tolerated. ​

​If you have a gluten intolerance, autoimmune disease or lots of food allergies then lashfood should be your go-to product for beautiful lashes. 

​What else makes lashfood special?

Lashfood contains more natural ingredients based on herbs, proteins and fats that are designed to nourish and strengthen your existing brows.

One of the reasons that people tend to tolerate lashfood so well is because they use more natural ingredients, but this also may be why it’s not QUITE as effective as other eyelash growth serums. ​

Another benefit is that lashfood can be used with EXISTING eyelash extensions to provide growth to your brows so you don’t have to keep up with the extensions. ​

LashFood Phyto-Medic Eyelash Enhancer

Overall rating: 

Overall Quality

Contains more natural ingredients like amino acids and soy


Good price for the product

Why I Love it

Works better for patients with super sensitive skin and food allergies

Who should use it: 
  • People who want to grow their lashes but have VERY sensitive skin
  • People who don’t tolerate gluten or dairy based foods or products
  • People looking for a more natural product
  • People with eyelash extensions who want a more natural look
  • Women of all ages
  • Phyto-medic proprietary blend of natural herbs designed to reduce inflammation and manage free radicals
  • Lavender water to help nourish and condition lashes
  • Soy Protein to help provide nutrients directly for lashes for growth
  • Arginine – an amino acid which helps prevent lash breakage
  • Adenosine – designed to help rejuvenate surrounding skin and hair follicles
How to use it: 
Why it works
  • Each night swipe the applicator brush along the upper eyelid and eyelash to let nutrients into eyelash follicles, make sure to apply to completely DRY skin
  • If you have eyelash extensions, simply apply at the base of the extensions
  • Lashfood contains more natural ingredients but the majority of the heavy lifting comes from their botanicals and herbs designed to nourish existing lashes and promote growth of new lashes. Other products provide conditioning and provide immediate changes to existing lashes. 
Recommended product: 

lashfood eyelash enhancer reviewSee more reviews here

You can find more information about the ingredient list of lashfood below: 

Lashfood ingredient list

Budget Serum Recommendation

If you are dying to grow your lashes out but can’t afford any of the other products then I have also included a cheaper priced product (the best of the lower range products) that you can use. 

Whenever possible it’s ALWAYS better to use high quality products from trusted brands because they include higher quality ingredients.

Having said that I realize that $50-100 per vial of serum isn’t always in the price range of everyone…

With that in mind the best in the lower price range is the rapidlash eyelash and eyebrow serum: 

How to use Rapidlash Eyelash and Eyebrow Serum

Overall rating: 

Cheaper products are tempting to purchase, but they almost always result in sup par results when compared to higher quality products. 

Generally the price of these products is less due to skipping steps in the concentration of the ingredients and using cheaper but more irritating inactive ingredients. 

You might notice that hardly anyone lists exactly HOW MUCH of an ingredient they use, and it’s because they don’t actually have to. 

This means you can purchase the same product with the same ingredient but it might only be 1/10th as much as other products leading to less results. 

If you are in a pinch you can consider this product. 

  • Polypeptides
  • Biotin (Pro vitamin B-7)
  • Panthenol (Vitamin B-5)
  • Amino acids
  • Soybean oil
  • Pumpkin seed extract

rapid lash eyelash enhancing serum reviewSee other reviews

Other Tips to Grow your Lashes

While using lash growth serums is a great idea (and one I recommend for lasting results) you also should consider making several other changes to help improve the quality and density of your eyelashes. 

These tips will also potentially help you have better and longer lasting hair! That means eyebrows and hair on your head 🙂

I’ve included a complete list of other reasons that might cause your lashes to fall out. 

If you want to regrow your lashes, then you will need to treat the underlying cause of what is making your lashes fall out.

In some cases this may be difficult, but it’s always worth exploring.

If you can’t get your lashes to grow back, then you might need to consider using lash extensions for a short period of time while you get checked out by a physician (preferably a dermatologist).

What causes your eyelashes to fall out:

  • Psoriasis, neurodermatitis, alopecia, lichen planus, lupus erythematous, acanthosis nigricians
  • Prescription medications
  • Cholesterol medciations, anti thyroid medications, beta blockers and anti seizure medications
  • Hormone imbalances: hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, pituitary insufficiency, hypoparathyroidism
  • Trauma
  • Radiation, previous surgeries, PTSD, anxiety, stress
  • Chronic infections: herpes, fungal infections
  • Inflammation
  • Cancers
  • Heavy metal exposure
  • Trichotillomania

medical conditions that cause eyelashes to fall out

Even if you aren’t sure what is causing your lashes to fall out you can still use the follow tips and tricks to help grow them back! 

#1. Take the proper supplements

First on the list is high quality supplements. 

Certain nutrients like zinc, iron, choline, silica and biotin are REQUIRED for optimal hair growth. 

If you pay attention to the ingredients inside hair, skin and nails supplements you will find that these nutrients are ALWAYS inside (or should be at least). 

What you may not know is that in order to get the benefits of taking these supplements you need to make sure you are taking a high enough dose. 

That generally means NOT taking one supplement that has everything in it, and instead taking a couple of supplements with high concentrations of the supplements you need. 

Another very important factor to consider when evaluating your hair loss or eyelash loss is how much iron you have.

Low iron levels (even if you don’t have anemia) can cause hair loss all over your body.

And as a woman you are at increased risk for developing iron deficiency due to your monthly cycle!

This explains why so many woman who start taking a pre natal vitamin start to grow their hair back.

It’s not because there is something magical in the pill, it’s because it contains iron!

Here is my favorite hair, skin and nails supplement that I use almost daily. ​

#2. Use High Quality Liners & Makeup 

​This might go without saying, but it’s worth mentioning. 

Another huge reason for lash loss, hair loss, etc. is due to slight reactions to inactive ingredients in low quality make up products.

This reaction can result in inflammation JUST at the level of your skin and epidermis which results in low grade inflammation in your hair follicles. 

The result of this inflammation is early signs of aging, pale discoloration to your skin, loss of eyelashes/eyebrows/hair and even some other signs such as redness or irritation. ​

You can avoid these reactions by monitoring how you react to certain make up products and only using high quality products that have FEW inactive ingredients. 

If you are very sensitive then you may need to make sure you use pure organic products that would be considered edible. 

#3. Avoid picking or tweezing them! And pretty much avoid touching them at all if you can help it

Believe me when I say that one of the single best things you can do for your eyebrows or eyelashes is to LEAVE THEM ALONE!

Some people have a nervous habit of simply picking at their skin or hair, others have the need to be a perfectionist which leads to almost no brows.

Even if it means going without makeup for a while (few weeks) it’s worth it, just leave your eyelashes alone while they grow.

Don’t go near them and don’t tweeze your brows while they are growing either! ​

Mechanical trauma from tweezing or pulling can actually irritate the follicle and blunt hair growth.

Do. Not. Do. It. 

#4. ​Avoid using fake lashes while they grow

This is an extension of #3. 

While you are using lash serum it’s best if you avoid putting ANYTHING on your lashes.

​While certain lash serums CAN be used with lash extensions (I’m talking about lashfood) doesn’t mean that you should. 

Adding lash extensions to your face counts as a minor trauma as far as your poor little eyelashes are concerned.

In addition, as the lash extensions come out they may pull some of your native eyelashes out along with them – not good!

If you can help it, avoid using lash extensions while you are using lash growth serum. ​

#5. ​Eat foods high in choline

Choline is a critical part of the hair follicle matrix and adequate choline helps give your hair (and eyelashes) a glow or sheen. 

You can increase your consumption of choline rich foods to help boost your hair growth naturally. 

Focus on these food groups: 

  • Cage free eggs (you can eat up to 3 per day while growing your lashes and hair)
  • Liver (if you can tolerate it!)
  • Meat of pretty much any kind
  • Seafood
  • Peanuts (stick to organic)
  • Spinach and Beets

Remember to also take a choline supplement as well! 

#6. Make sure to detox your liver​

A huge cause of poor hair growth is due exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals

You’ve heard of detox but you probably don’t know WHY it’s so important. 

Well, your body comes into contact with these endocrine disruptors on a DAILY basis. 

Even touching receipts or eating out of plastic containers can result in contact with these chemicals. 

Under normal circumstances your body doesn’t have a problem getting rid of them, but sometimes they can build up and cause problems. 

To make sure that you get rid of these chemicals consider taking a milk thistle, MSM or curcumin to help boost your liver’s ability to detox naturally. 

Here is a supplement you can try that works well. ​

#7. Get your hormones checked​

Next up:

Your hormones.

Whether you realize it or not your hormones play a huge role in hair growth, the quality of your skin and how quickly you age.

Because of their important role it’s ALWAYS important to make sure that you have your hormones under control when dealing with your hair or skin.

One of the biggest culprits is hypothyroidism.

Your thyroid directly regulates how quickly your hair grows and if it falls out or not.

Low thyroid states (but also high thyroid states) can lead to hair breakage, your eyebrows to fall out (especially the outer third) and changes to how your hair looks (curly, wavy, etc.).

Make sure you find a thyroid literate doctor to help you out! ​

#8. ​Wait patiently 🙂 

Lastly, and one of the more important steps, is to remember to wait patiently!

Growing back your lashes takes TIME. 

Don’t give up, just remember to follow these recommendations, use your lash serum and you will have beautiful lashes within 4-6 weeks 🙂 

Bonus Tip

Here is another trick that you might find helpful.

You can actually use your eyelash serum on your brows to help boost your eyebrow growth.

I will write another post on how to grow back your eyebrows, but just realize that you can take a small amount of your growth serum and apply it directly to your eyebrows as well. ​

​Apply at the same time that you apply to your lashes and make sure your brows are dry before application. 

Wrapping it up​


Eyelash growth serums can and do actually work, it’s just a matter of finding the right type of serum for YOUR body and YOUR skin.

Spend some time looking at my recommendations and find out which one works best for you.

But remember:

Stick to the high quality brands and look for brands that have the “professional beauty” or “luxury beauty” designation.

Now it’s your turn:

Have you tried to grow back your lashes?

What has worked for you? What hasn’t?

Leave your comments below! ​

Everything You Need to Know About Dermaplaning & If you Should Do it

Dermaplaning can help tighten loose skin, reduce hyperpigmentation and ultimately help your face look younger. 

All of these benefits come from a quick and easy procedure which includes a scalpel (but it doesn’t go into your skin!) which is grazed over your skin at an angle. 

Learn more about the benefits of dermaplaning, who should and shouldn’t get dermaplaning done and how to boost your results after the procedure: 

Complete dermaplaning guide<img class=”tve_image” alt=”Complete dermaplaning guide” style=”width: 287px” src=”//” width=”287″ height=”575″ data-attachment-id=”1044″>


What is Dermaplaning & How Does it Work?

​Dermaplaning is a quick and painless procedure that involves using a surgical scalpel (yes just like a surgeon!) to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells right off of your face. 

The scalpel is NOT used to enter into the skin, instead it is placed at a 45 degree angle to the skin and is brushed back and forth over the skin on the face.

The entire procedure usually lasts 20-30 minutes, doesn’t require any anesthetic and provides immediate results.

So how does Dermaplaning work?

​Dermaplaning works by mechanically exfoliating your skin. 

​What that means is your artist will remove excess skin cells and any skin cell debris from your epidermis. 

vellus hair and dermaplaning<img class=”tve_image” alt=”vellus hair and dermaplaning” style=”width: 271px” src=”//” width=”271″ height=”466″ data-attachment-id=”690″>

This process will also remove vellus hairs from your face (the white peach fuzz).

​The process of removing dead skin cells and scraping off the top portion of the epidermis is stimulating to the deeper layers of your skin (the dermis). 

The process results in a stimulating effect which causes your skin to produce more collagen which increases skin tightness and skin texture.

The result?

Making your skin look younger, tighter and more beautiful. ​

Dermaplaning can be done as frequently as once per month.

Another huge benefit to doing dermplaning is that you can also add growth serums and other therapies to help boost your results and improve your skin even further.

Dermplaning is often accompanied with a facial and special growth serums including vitamin A and C can be added after your procedure to help maintain your results (more on those below). ​

Why should you consider using dermaplaning or other therapies that help exfoliate?

Well one of the big problems with aging is that your body ​exfoliates less and less. 

This process results in a build up of dead skin cells requiring that you either remove those skin cells yourself or use a mechanical device to help remove the dead cells for you.

The process of removing this excess skin stimulates new epidermal growth (the top layer of your skin) and creates more growth factors and collagen that all boost the appearance of your skin. 

The stimulation allows promotes an even distribution of melanin (which provides pigment to your skin), this is how dermaplaning can alter pigmentation – especially if used in conjunction with chemical peels. ​

This process generally takes 3-5 days to produce the maximum benefit, but dermaplaning does provide you with an immediate change to skin texture as well.

Remember that it takes around ​40-50 days for your epidermis to “turn over” so you don’t want to get this procedure done more often than once a month or so. 

​Benefits of Dermaplaning

  • Quick and immediate results  – your skin will look soft, fresh and clean immediately after the procedure
  • No downtime after the procedure, you will be able to walk out of the office and head straight to work
  • Helps to mechanically exfoliate the upper epidermis of your skin and remove both white vellus (peach fuzz) from your face and any dead skin cells
  • Provides immediate skin tightening and collagen production
  • Helps skin look younger and fresh
  • Does not cause hair to grow back darker or thicker
  • Can be combined with other procedures like facials, and growth serums for better results
  • More aggressive therapy than microdermabrasion, so results will be slightly quicker than using this exofliative method

Now that you know WHY it helps, let’s talk about what conditions it can be used for… 

​What conditions does it help?

Probably the single most common reason for getting dermaplaning done is for the anti-aging effects. 

Anti-aging is NOT the process of reversing the damage that is already present in your skin, instead it is more about preventing further damage from occurring.

Many people don’t realize that with some very basic therapies like facials, dermaplaning and growth serums that they can almost halt the aging process in its tracks.

​Have you ever seen a woman in her 50’s who looks like she’s in her 40’s? 

THIS is what anti-aging is about. ​

But beyond the fact that dermplaning makes your skin look young and fresh, it can also be used for other purposes and conditions: ​

Despite these benefits there are some people who shouldn’t get dermaplaning done: 

People with very fair or light skin or people who are VERY sensitive should think twice before getting this procedure.

That usually means people on in the Fitzpatrick type 1-2 range: ​

fitzpatrick scale for dermaplaning<img class=”tve_image” alt=”fitzpatrick scale for dermaplaning” style=”width: 731px” src=”//” width=”731″ height=”156″ data-attachment-id=”696″>

​Most people who have sensitive are aware of it and know that they react to certain creams, lotions and procedures. 

Because dermplaning is more exfoliative than microdermabrasion, the process may leave some people with sensitive skin with “razor burn” on their face.

Some sensitive patients may also get slightly swollen or “puffy” after the procedure.

​Boost your results with growth serums and Vitamin A + C: 

When it comes to your skin, and to get the best results, you really want to use a technique known as “layering”.

This idea involves the use of multiple therapies, that each work in tandem with one another, to achieve the best results.

When this is done correctly the outcome becomes multiplicative!

For instance:

Dermplaning on its own will provide some noticeable benefit to your face.

The combination of dermplaning plus chemical peels will provide even more (quicker and more lasting results).

The combination of Dermplaning plus chemical peels plus topical agents takes it to the next level.

For this reason I have included my personal favorite (the one I use) healing serum to help increase your results: ​

How to Use iS Clinical Pro Heal Serum After Dermaplaning

Overall rating

Overall Quality

VERY high quality with a pure form of Vitamin C


Price is high, but well worth it

Personal Rating

Can be “layered” with other products for more benefit (I use this product daily)

Who should use it: 
  • People with photo damaged skin or with sun spots
  • People with aging skin (pretty much anyone over age 30)
  • People with very sensitive skin
  • People who are layering multiple products
  • L-Ascorbic Acid
  • Retinol
  • Bioflavinoids
  • Olive leaf extract
  • Tocopherol 
How to use it: 
Why it works
  • Apply 2-4 drops directly to your face after cleansing
  • Spread evening throughout your face and to your neck line
  • Avoid placing product in the eyes or in any orifice
  • Use in the morning if using active serum in the evening
  • Contains anti oxidants like Vitamin C, olive leaf extract and bioflavinoids
  • Contains vitamin A which has been proven to reduce fine lines and aging
  • Contains vitamin E which prevents photo damage
Recommended product: 

is clinical vitamin c serum pro heal<img class=”tve_image” alt=”is clinical vitamin c serum pro heal” style=”width: 294px” src=”//” width=”294″ height=”305″ data-attachment-id=”1494″>See more reviews here

​Dermaplaning and Acne

A quick note: ​

Dermaplaning should not be done if you are having active break outs or cystic acne. 

If you fall into this category then a better option for exfoliation would be a more gentle mechanical exfoliative like what can be achieved with the clarisonic, or with chemical peels and/or facials. 

While dermplaning can help PREVENT future breakouts, it’s not necessarily ideal for someone with acne currently. 

Once you get your acne under control you can come back to dermaplaning to help promote collagen control and use it in conjunction with chemical peels to reduce scarring from acne. ​

Dermaplaning Before and After

This is an example of me getting dermaplaned:

I’ve also included a shortened video of the entire procedure: ​

I never talk about a procedure until I’ve had it done to myself, like the results I got and understand the research behind it. 

Obviously there will be differences in terms of what beneficial effects you may see in your body, but I find that my skin is so much softer afterwards.

I also found that it help with my acne (especially due to hormones).

But as always, your mileage may vary. ​

How much does it cost? 

Dermaplaning​ will run you around $ 100-200 per visit. 

The average price at high end salons is around the $175 mark, but you can certainly get great results without going to a high end salon.

As long as you undergo the proper aftercare with healing serums it would be better to find a cheaper place to cover that cost.

The combination of dermaplaning plus growth serum will do more for you than just one by itself.

​From a technical standpoint dermaplaning is relatively easy to pick up and there isn’t a high degree of variance between artists (compared to something like botox or dermal fillers). 

Does it hurt?

Dermaplaning should cause only MILD discomfort at the most. 

The majority of patients have no issues in terms of pain after the procedure, however some may have slight “puffiness” or slight “redness” – these clients usually have more tender and sensitive skin. 

You do NOT need topical anesthetic prior to this procedure. 

Back to you

Dermaplaning is a therapy which can help promote collagen production and epidermal growth factors which may directly result in an improvement in skin tone and pigmentation. 

This procedure is primarily for people interested in anti-aging but it has more benefits beyond this!

Make sure to “layer” your dermaplaning with other therapies for maximum benefit and get some kind of Vitamin a + vitamin C based serum after your procedure (this will maximize your benefits). 

And finally – make sure you find an artist that you trust and has your best interests at heart! ​

Now it’s your turn: ​

Have you had dermaplaning done?

​Did it work for you? 

Why or why not?

Leave your comment below! ​