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The Best Vitamin C Serums for Radiant and Healthy Skin *My Top 4*

Vitamin C may be one of the single best nutrients for your skin.

It can help you look younger and even fights off skin conditions like acne and rosacea. 


In order to get all of these benefits you need to make sure you are using the right type of Vitamin C serum (and there are a lot of crappy products out there).

Use this guide to help you sort out the best products so you can get started with healthy and younger looking skin ASAP: ​

How to get perfect skin with vitamin c serum
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Everything You Need to Know About Dermaplaning & If you Should Do it

Dermaplaning can help tighten loose skin, reduce hyperpigmentation and ultimately help your face look younger. 

All of these benefits come from a quick and easy procedure which includes a scalpel (but it doesn't go into your skin!) which is grazed over your skin at an angle. 

Learn more about the benefits of dermaplaning, who should and shouldn't get dermaplaning done and how to boost your results after the procedure: 

Complete dermaplaning guide
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Microblading Scabbing: What’s Normal and What Isn’t While Healing

Light scabbing is a normal part of the microblading healing process. 

While light scabbing may be normal, heavy scabbing is NOT. 

Because the healing process is full of ups and down I've created this post about scabbing to help you along the journey. 

Learn more about what you should expect in terms of scabbing and how to make sure that your results are 100% perfect below: 

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The Entire Microblading Healing Process Day-by-Day (with Pictures)

The microblading healing process is filled with ups and downs, no question about it. 

​But don't let it scare you:

During the healing process it is NORMAL to experience some scabbing, some patching and even some loss of pigment.

I will walk you through what the process looks like day-by-day including pictures along the way.

This will help visualize what is normal and what isn't: ​

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30 Beautiful Microblading Before and After Pictures from Real Clients

Microblading is the art of applying semi permanent brows to your current set of brows using special pigment. 

Microblading creates a beautiful and perfectly shaped brow that looks make-up ready without any fuss or hassle. 

The entire procedure lasts around 3-4 hours and afterwards you walk out with perfect brows that will last up to 15 months before they start fading. 

Do you want to see some real microblading before and after pictures from real clients? If so read on: 

How to get perfect brows with microblading
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How Long Does Microblading Last? & How to Get Lasting Results!

There's no question that microblading can add a vibrant change to your brows. 

But the question is:

How long will it last? and is it worth your time?

The results last anywhere from 9 to 15 months depending on several factors which makes the 3-4 hours it takes to place the brows worth it for sure. 

​As someone who does microblading I have to answer with the obvious YES it's so worth it! But allow me to explain why: 

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Microblading Infection: Signs & Symptoms + What to look out for

​Having an infection is a rare but potentially serious side effect from getting the microblading procedure done. 

You should know that there is a small risk (around 1-3%) that you may have an infection after your procedure.

Most of the time these infections can be treated with ​over the counter antibiotics that can be topically placed on your skin. 

In some serious cases you may need antibiotics, learn more about when you should and shouldn't be concerned below: ​

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What is Microblading? + 10 Facts to Know Before you Get it Done!

Have you heard about the recent trend that is microblading? 

Microblading is exploding in the US and it's not hard to figure out why. ​

Microblading allows you to walk around with perfect eyebrows all day, ever day without messing around with make up each morning. ​

Regardless of how much you know or think you know, this post will help you determine what microblading is and help you determine if you should get your brows microbladed.

Let's jump in: ​

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